Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blog tour for "A Life Less Broken" by Margaret McHeyzer

On a day like any other, Allyn Sommers went off to work, not knowing that her life was about to be irrevocably and horrifically altered.
Three years later, Allyn is still a prisoner in her own home held captive by harrowing fear. Broken and damaged, Allyn seeks help from someone that fate brought her.
Dr. Dominic Shriver is a psychiatrist who’s drawn to difficult cases. He must push past his own personal battles to help Allyn fight her monsters and nightmares.
Is Dr. Shriver the answer to her healing?
Can Allyn overcome the broken?

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A Life Less Broken is another riveting book by Margaret, even though her books might come off as dark to some people, it's the end result of that story that counts. There is always, and I mean always a meaning behind the darkness of how the story starts, because in the end the character who is going through that darkness will always end up seeing the light.

In "A Life Less Broken", we have Allyn, a young lady who was vibrant and love life until tragedy struck and left her broken. For three years she as lived in fear of the unexpected until she came across psychiatrist Dominic. With his help she will begin to see that she can let a little bit of light back into her life. I really loved to see the emotional growth that Allyn was able to make with the help of Dominic, even though he's fake I really fell in love with this character. Thank you so for that shock factor Margaret lol, you gave it to me when I read "Yes, Master" and I got it again. Nothing like a wonderful reveal to some up a beautiful well written story.

In the end I would love to congratulate Margaret on a very well written story about conquering your ghosts and skeletons. It crazy how karma works, in the end it's a bitch. I always love and HEA and I was happy that Allyn was able to get one. A Life Less Broken gets 5 wonderful, fantastical stars from this gal.

~About Author~
I don't do 'normal'.

I've found that the more I write, the more I like being different to other authors. I write in first person, and I love to challenge a reader.

I take the normal and switch it around.

For me, I really enjoy getting a reaction from a reader. So if I can evoke an emotion (regardless of if it's the emotion the reader wants) then I figure that I've done my job as an author I want to be.

I really quite revel in taking people out of their comfort zones and pushing them to read something different.

My genre of writing is, well quite frankly, where ever my mind goes. I won't label myself because I don't like sticking to one genre.
My goal with writing is just to take people away from whatever is going on in their lives, even if it's only for a split second.

I'm a go with the flow sort of person and don't really take a course of action to get where I am going. I live in the moment and don't usually worry about tomorrow because whatever life is due to bring me, I'll be happy to accept.

I love my family and friends and will help anyway I can if someone needs it. I really don't like people that are nasty just because they can be, I don't believe that's necessary, I mean life's hard enough as it is!
I hope you enjoy my books, I've had a hoot writing them. There's more to come.....

Til next time.
M xx

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