Monday, July 27, 2015

Blog tour for "Relinquished" by K.A. Hunter

Jules Donovan has been in and out of unsavory foster homes and repulsive motels her entire life. She’s known nothing but loss, abandonment, crime, and pain. Now that she's aged out of the system, she can’t remember ever having dreams for her future because she’s constantly fighting for daily survival. 

When she meets the Riley brothers, there’s something about them that draws her in. She’s never let her guard down, but Dante and Holden make her feel valuable, like she actually matters. And for the first time in her life, she senses something she’s never experienced before—protection. 

But can these mysterious brothers keep her safe from the dark monsters that lie in wait, ready for their final revenge? And how in the hell does older brother Dante know so much about her anyway? 

Unbeknownst to her, things have been set in motion ever since she was ripped from her mother’s womb and, as each jagged piece of her life unfolds, she will begin to wonder, who’s really in charge of her fate? 

**TRIGGER WARNING...this novel contains non-explicit scenes of abuse. There is strong language throughout. Relinquished is intended for mature readers**

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First off I would like to say that I have been a fan of Kimi’s since I’ve read “It Started with a Lima Bean” and since then she had me hooked line and sinker. When she told she was writing this book I didn’t know what to expect, she just told me, “Rose it’s different.” I was on the band wagon because nothing makes my heart flip flop like seeing the work of my favorite authors grow, and boy did Kimi left herself grow with this one. She spread her author wings and flies and “Relinquished” became the masterpiece that it is today. After I was done reading it my heart swells with pride because damn this woman did her thing.
Relinquished is no child’s play folks, it was suspenseful, sexy and happen so many twist and turns, you feel the adrenaline and excitement like you are on one fan-freaking-tastic thrill ride. I loved every single minute of this book, I really don’t want to explain to much in my review but all I will say is you will want to hug Jules and protect her. Her story is one that will grip every single one of your heartstrings and it will tug. The emotions that Kimi evoked out of this character is phenomenal, words cannot explain how much. The emotions were raw and oh so real. Then we have Holden, I mean, can I get him all wrapped up in a pretty package with a lovely bow please. I also loved Dante’s, even though he was the brooding type, there’s something about a man that’s brood’s that is sexy.

There were so many secrets that surrounded everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone. That when they are finally revealed you will gasp and basically be awe of Kimi, because hot damn this woman wrote one hell of a story. As I sit here and write this review I still don’t think it did this book no justice, that’s how well written and well thought out this story was to me. Kudos to my girl Kimi, you rocked hard lady.

About the Author~
Kimi Flores/K.A. Hunter lives in Southern California with her husband, who happened to be her high school sweetheart and prom date and their two hilarious boys.

When she's not reading, writing, or hanging out with family and friends, Kimi spends her time in the kitchen trying to come up with vegan meals that don't taste like cardboard. 

Volunteering is extremely important to her, and she and her family work with several local non-profit organizations. A portion of her sales will always go to charity.

Currently, she writes contemporary romance stories under her real name Kimi Flores and grittier romantic suspense novels under her pen name K.A. Hunter.

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