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Blog tour & Giveaway for "Separation Anxiety" by Lisa Suzanne

Title: Separation Anxiety
Author: Lisa Suzanne
Release Date: February 3, 2014

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We all get one true love in our lives, and it’s up to us to find it. Fate will act and try to push us together, but ultimately it’s up to us to recognize who that one person is when he’s standing in front of us.

It turns out that I recognized who my one person was when I was separated from my husband.


On the same day I determined that I was finally going to file for divorce, I confessed my secret to Jesse Drake, my swoon-worthy colleague known for his womanizing ways. Jesse invited me to crash with him, and with each new piece of the enigmatic Jesse puzzle that I started to fit into place, I found myself wondering if Fate had pushed us together for a reason.

If only my husband would stop getting in the way of the man with whom I was meant to be.

Separation Anxiety is one adult romance book that should be a must read for everyone this year. Lisa Suzanne did an excellent job with writing this book and the depth that she went in with these characters are one that you will enjoy. This book will have you experience damn near every emotions in the book, sadness, and happiness, horny and pleased. You feel sadness because of what Veronica was going through with her stupid ass husband Richard, this goes to show you that a lot of individuals rush into to something without realizing it until it’s too late. The funniest part was that Veronica felt the same way about Jesse but neither of them acted on those feelings until the timing was right in both of their books. Now the next emotion is happiness, I loved the relationship that Veronica had with Quinn, their conversions will have you laughing your ass of, and also there were moments with Jesse and Veronica that had me on my ass. Then we have horny, well this one is due to the sexual tension that you felt permeating from your kindle because of Jesse and Veronica, and once they finally have sex that first time I swear to you I broke out into a hot flashes, sweet heavens they were hot, that couch scene was wow. And last but not least pleased, the way how Lisa summed up this story is one that will have you sighing in happy relief, come on, who doesn’t love a HEA. Great well written by Lisa Suzanne, worth every single hour I spent reading it.
~About the Author~
Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do. She has loved to write for as long as she can remember.

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I felt his presence behind me as he stood over my shoulder and watched me pound out the chicken.
“Not so hard,” he instructed.
I let up my pounding, hitting the side of the chicken.
“No,” he said, and I felt him move in closer behind me. “Like this.” He placed his hand over mine, lifted our joined hands, and hit firmly in the center of the chicken breast.
But, honestly, I had no idea that we’d just hit raw chicken with a kitchen mallet. All I could feel was the heat from his body standing behind my own and the sizzle from his hand over mine. I felt my body automatically lean back into him for more contact as he brought our joined hands up and back down again.
“Got it?” he breathed into my ear, his breath on my skin sending a tremor down my spine as I realized that his front completely ran the length of my back. I shivered and goose bumps broke out across my skin at his proximity. I felt the sinewy hardness of his muscles, and I was certain that I felt another hardness pressing lower against the base of my spine.
Was he as turned on as I was? Was it possible that the little flirtations that I kept brushing off were sincere?
Was it possible that someone like Jesse Drake was interested in me?
I doubted it, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming.
“Uh,” I stuttered. “Yeah. Got it,” I said, and he broke that sexy moment between us as he backed away, running both of his hands through his hair.


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