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Release Day Blitz for "Who I Am" by Shanora Williams

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Some stories aren’t easy to tell.
Some situations aren’t easy to relive.
But I was raised to be strong—to hold my own. Because of it, I was hurt, torn down, beaten and even had my heart snatched right out of my chest.
But I’m ready now. It’s time for me to speak up. You want to know what really goes on inside my head, well I’m right here.
Real. Raw. Intense.
This is all me. Roy Sykes. This is my story, and trust me… its far from pretty.
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(Kelsey's POV)
A smile smothers my lips as I spot Roy standing in front of some fancy restaurant. He’s dressed in all black (as usual), but his hair is wavy, proving he most likely took a shower before reaching his destination. He’s looking around, and there are moments when he checks his phone. My smile continues as I start to walk toward him, but in no time, my smile evaporates. A girl rushes up to him, and I stop in my tracks, staring like a deer stuck in headlights. I’m… confused. The girl stands on her toes and wraps her arms around his neck, and somehow, a part of me shrivels away. I swallow to block the dryness in my throat. I can feel my bottom lip trembling… my palms getting sweaty. I don’t even realize I’ve dropped the bag in my hand or the cup holder containing the coffee until I’m storming towards him. My eyebrows are furrowed, fists clenched tight around my keys. The sharp metal of my keys is digging into my hand, but I don’t even realize it. I can’t seem to focus on anything but my boyfriend walking into some restaurant with this blonde beauty.
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Ok, alright, all I have to say is that Shanora will never, and I mean never disappoint her fans with her writing. Who I Am bought forth all the emotions that you know it would, and I was very happy for it because my heart broke so many times for Roy. Also the saying, "Love is blind", is so true. No one would know what really happened to Roy if it wasn't for Kelsey. Oh how I loved Kelsey, she's such a sweet heart you have no other choice but to love her. Another thing that Shanora captured is the depth of every single characters, and of course you will have guess appearances from the other cast members. I loved every single minute if this book, I got home from work feeling sick and I started to read it. Needless to say, even though I was high on cold medicine I never out the book down until 4 am. I just couldn't out it down, it grips your attention I tell you, you'll be captivated yet again by the lovely and talented Shanora Williams. Great job lady, need I say more, your work is, as always, impeccable.

S. Q. Williams was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina. She's the author of the New Adult series, OBTAINED and the Best Selling New Adult novel, Hard to Resist. Her upcoming mature New-Adult/Adult novel, Who He Is, will be released in July of 2013.
When she's not writing, she's happily reading or watching cartoons like the big kid she is. She has a wonderful family that you will hear her brag and talk about all of the time. Whenever she just wants to get away from the words for a while, she'll spend some time with her loved ones, eat gummy bears, or drown in Coca-Cola and anything else caffeinated.
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