Sunday, November 17, 2013

Joseph: Fallen by MS Willis


There is a fine line between genius and madness…
Between love and hate,
Between right and wrong.

Joseph had created The Estate for her…
His wife,
The woman he chose to bear his child.
She was beauty unsurpassed;
And her song was unlike anything he’d ever known.

However, their love was a story that would not find a happy ending.

In this prequel novel to the Estate series, follow Joseph Carmichael as he creates a world unlike any other. Because, in order to comprehend The Estate, you must understand Joseph; but, in order to understand Joseph, you must discover how a man falls from light into the pitch black depths of ultimate darkness.



He stood motionless around her, the heat of his body, his scent, bathing her as she waited – the broken promise and the reminder of who her husband had been was dangled before her in that moment, a dream she would never capture again. He looked like Joseph, smelled like him, carried the same unspoken power and assurance – but he was no longer the man she’d believe him to be.
His jaw ticked, and when his sculpted lips finally opened, his voice brushed against her, seductive as silk, while, at the same time, sharp as the most lethal of blades.
The words spoken were so slow, so frightfully controlled, that there was no doubt they were the undeniable truth. “When I married you, and on our wedding night, I promised you two things, Arianna – that you were mine and that I would do whatever was necessary to give you everything you could ever want.” His eyes closed as he winced, his face appearing to battle against pain of the thoughts pounding against his skull. “I have not broken those promises, so do not break yours. Do not threaten to leave me again. There is no where on this Earth that you could run, that I would not hunt you down, find you, and drag you back here, chained if need be, to where you belong.”
His eyes opened.
“You are mine and I will not allow you to leave. While I’m gone, I will leave Connor to watch over you. He is loyal to me and will prevent any escape you attempt if you are foolish enough to try. There is no escape from me, Arianna. You WILL accept what I have done.”


I abso-fucking-lutely love, love Melissa's books. She will have you envisioning every single scene in your head. When I was reading Joseph & thought I was seriously watching a movie & I always feel that way when reading all of her books. Now let me start off by talking about Joseph, can you say selfish, power, hungry man, it just goes to show you that once you seek it & you get it, you think that you are mightier than God himself & that's what Joseph thought. I loved Arianna, she was strong, or she tried to be. If you guys have read "Madeleine: Abducted" you know that this prequel will not, & I repeat, will not have an HEA. It will give you the insight of where, when & how it all begins. I think you will want to know, because to be honest with you, I wanted to find out how Joseph became the dick head, evil man that he was in the first book. Great job by Melissa, I never have anything bad to say about her books because she knows how to grab the interest of all her readers.

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