Monday, November 25, 2013

Determinism by LK Collins Blog Tour & Giveaway


At what point do you stop fighting the events that have long been predetermined by the course of fate?
Cara Savannah falls fast and falls hard. She always has. The problem is the kind of guys she falls for. They aren't interested in anything more than a one night stand. Finally fed up with the years of heartache and lack of meaningful relationships, she vows to turn over a new leaf. Cara is going to let love take a backseat and focus on herself.  Most importantly- no more tattooed bad boys. The question is, how long can she manage to evade what fate has orchestrated for her?
Abel Mileski is every bit your typical bad boy on the exterior, but life’s left him broken and jaded. After years of meaningless sex with girls only seeing him for his good looks and tattoos, he sees no value within himself. Ready for a change, he shuts down his desires and immerses himself in his career. However, when fate intervenes, he is completely unprepared. Meeting Cara ignites his desires. She’s not fazed by his ink, and when he tries to charm her, he fails... Stunned by her instant dislike of him, he is determined to find out why.

After months of sexual tension, they make a decision that will forever change their lives. Will that decision be what ultimately wrecks them or brings them back together?

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~About Author~

LK Collins is first and foremost a dedicated wife and mother. She has always had a mad passion for reading and recently turned that passion into a love for writing. She writes sexy and erotic adult romance that is emotionally gripping. Fatalism, her debut novel, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Determinism, book two of the Life. Destiny. Fate Series will be available November 15, 2013. The series will consist of five books, which can be read in order or as stand-alone novels.

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Wow, what is there not to say about “Determinism” but holy, mother of everything that is hot? Sweet heavens I thought Vincent from “Fatalism” was the epitome of male virility, sweet Lord Abel will have your panties melting ladies. First let me start off by saying, ha to Cara, come on now, who could resist Abel, I know he’s intense but damn it I loved his intensity. And Cara tried so hard to fight it, but you can’t fight that fire that burns honey. Now let me get to Abel, all alpha male sexy dominate beast, please he had my “kitten” purring and I know he will do the same to yours lol. Sexy doesn’t even begin to describe him at all, throw in the fact that LK made him a firefighter and we have got ourselves winner ladies. And the sex scenes, the damn sex scenes, sweet baby Jesus my breathing caught a couple of times and my temperature went up because I was having some ridiculous hot flashes. I cannot wait to find out how naughty LK Collins will make Troy & Bridgette story, love, and love, love this book. 

~Deleted Scene – Shots~

My phone vibrates in my clutch and I pull it out. Abel leans over to look at the screen. It’s a text from my sister. He grabs my phone out of my hand, and starts to program his phone number in it. I stare at him and he looks at me with one eyebrow cocked.
          “I know you’re going to need that eventually. I want you have it now, so you can get a hold of me if you need anything, okay?”
          I nod my head and look at the screen; he programmed his number into my phone as Chief Abel. I laugh at him, “Are you serious?”
          “What? I am a fire chief and my first name is Abel.”
          I shake my head unable to respond. “Don’t shake your head at me,” he says as he drags me to the bar. “Can we get two shots of Patrón please?” I look at him and shake my head again. “I told you not to shake your head at me.”
          “I don’t like shots.”
          “Well, tonight you do.”
          The bartender slides two full shot glasses of clear poison over to us and two lime wedges on a napkin. My mouth drips looking at the limes. Yum, I love them. I go to grab a lime and eat it, but Abel grabs my wrist. “Not yet, haven’t you ever taken a shot of tequila before?”
          “Not in years and when I did I never used limes. I’m more of a Jager girl.”
          “I’m gonna have to show you how to do this then.”
          I tilt my head to the side as he slides the shot glass towards me. “Patrón is one of my favorite tequilas. You probably like Jager because it’s smooth. Tequila can be that way as well -- if you drink the right ones. First, you have to get yourself in the right mental state to enjoy it. As you take the shot, let it roll down your throat. Imagine it as a delicacy that you are savoring. Are you ready?”
          I nod my head and lift the glass to my lips. I tip it back and let it roll down my throat just like he said. I realize my eyes are closed and my lips are parted. I feel the cool, smooth texture of a lime being placed into my mouth and I look at him.
“Bite down and suck on it,” he whispers, leaning into my neck.
I do as he asks and he takes his free arm pulling me against him. Immediately I feel his erection straining against his pants. Everything within me ignites; I enjoy every sensation hitting me at once, and then he pulls my lime away. I look at him pissed; damn it, I want more. He smirks at me and knocks his shot back. Grabbing the lime he takes a quick bite and sets it in the empty cup.
          “Come on, before you unman me watching you eat a lime. Just so you know, we’re not taking shots again.”
          “What? I thought I did good,” I protest.
          “Oh, kitten, you did better than good. That’s why we won’t be doing it again.”


“Cara, have I done something to upset you?” he demands.
I shake my head.
“Then what’s your problem? Obviously there is something going on between us and you’ve been fighting it for months.”
“I don’t have a problem. I’m just surprised to see you here. And for the record I’m not interested in dating anyone.”
“Good neither am I.”
An awkward silence takes over and all I can focus on is the sound of our breathing. It’s harsh and ragged. He still has a tight grip on my arm, and his hand is hot. I imagine what it would feel like on the rest of my body. He leans into my neck and I clamp my eyes shut. He doesn’t move as his breath continues to wash over my skin. He takes his right arm and slides it behind me pulling me tightly against him. Instinctively I lean my head to the side and wait for his lips to drench my skin. A loud horn goes off causing me to jump. Abel barely moves and when I look at him, he is looking into my eyes.
I look behind him and parked in front of the ER entrance is a huge fire truck. I feel his grip on my body loosen as our eyes reconnect.
“This isn’t finished,” he says.



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  1. Sweet baby Jesus and the mother of all that's holy, that was one effing review. I am STUNNED, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad I could melt your panties and just so you know...Troy and Bridgette are going to be bad very, very bad!

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